Thursday, December 29, 2016

randoms from life out here

 some random bug in the village


 Yes they have Voortmans.... normally $3 a package

 dinner going for a ride

 local woman carrying some wood

 One of the toilets in the village (not sure if its still around though)

 thirsty kitty, apparently food soak water tastes good

 future guard dog
 He's grown up since these pics and likes to chew on everything.... 
couch cushions, flipflops, brooms/dustpans, you name it

 power bars are always well used out here
Most are found full in rows of 3.

 future milk source wandering around the resort grounds....

 monkey roaming the streets

I'm pretty sure the fuel truck hit the electrical pole

yup, thats the wires just laying there being walked under or driven over. 

River Nile

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